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Pharmaceutical industry: diagnostic reagents industry seminar minutes


Although the medical diagnosis needs to be relatively rigid, the industry is still affected by the economic crisis, such as the collapse of many companies or dismissal of employees led to the impact of business needs. Kehua, Fosun and other diagnostic reagents industry leading enterprises in the context of the macroeconomic downturn are proposed within the enterprise integration, the same method of product line into the same subsidiary, or the associated enterprises to integrate the integration of research and development, production and After-sales service. At the same time, enterprises also carry out industrial chain extension, to the upstream to establish a diagnostic raw material base, to the downstream equipment research and development and production, horizontal expansion of product lines.

Emerging companies lack financial support for R & D and market development

Emerging companies have cutting-edge technology, such as personalized gene detection technology, new chemiluminescence technology, but because of venture capital in the context of economic crisis shouting, corporate R & D and marketing lack of funds. In addition, the new medical service project charges are not uniform, market access and lack of supervision is also the enterprise in the promotion of new products encountered difficulties.

Laboratory traceability is limited, the diagnosis of technical services, fees are not unified, etc. is the enterprise confusion

In recent years with the domestic diagnostic reagent management gradually standardized, but also on the domestic reagent enterprises made a traceability requirements. However, many companies have encountered many problems in this process: first, there are few projects that can really be traced to SI units. At present, there are at least hundreds of clinical test items, not all projects System; second, the development of in vitro diagnostic reagents compared with foreign start late, many new reagents are introduced from abroad, and then gradually domestic, foreign large companies in the industry monopoly restricts the development of domestic diagnostic reagents , But also restricts the development of domestic diagnostic reagents, the domestic enterprises of the economic strength is weak, more varieties of diagnostic reagents, such as traceability to the international reference laboratory, the cost will be quite expensive, which also limits the domestic enterprises product traceability.

In addition, due to participation in pricing related to the Health Bureau, Price Bureau and other departments, medical institutions around the diagnosis and technical services to do the development of the cost is not uniform, which also led to enterprises in the tender process encountered more difficulties.

New technology and low-end medical device market prospects

China's medical diagnostic needs are far from being met. High-end market, personalized gene diagnosis, homogeneous chemiluminescence and other technologies and services have just started; in the low-end market, the majority of rural and community medical diagnosis needs. For example, in the low-end medical device market, the end of October this year, the Ministry of Health announced the "norms of new rural cooperative medical health examination work views", from the county and township two new rural cooperative medical institutions to choose to assume the new rural health Physical examination tasks, bear the medical institutions to have the work with the physical fitness equipment, such as ECG, B ultrasound, X-ray machines, biochemical analyzer, and so on. According to the "central budget within the special funds project - the construction of township hospitals guidance" provides that the average hospital according to an average of 80,000 yuan, the central hospital by an average of 200,000 yuan configuration, which also determines the only low-priced products to enter Country procurement scope.

At present, foreign giants have begun to layout low-end market, in 2007, Siemens and GE are investing millions in the local low-end market suppliers, intends to expand the community and rural medical market share, the establishment of a number of "Siemens new rural medical demonstration center" To pilot, to explore suitable for rural areas in China medical equipment solutions and medical services model. Philips and Neusoft construction plant, aimed at the low-end market, the main strategy is "first popular after the upgrade." Siemens and Philips major planning is to first create more needs, bigger industries, improve the market share of low-end products, and then strive for greater returns. The main competitive advantage of domestic enterprises is low prices, in line with national procurement requirements, as well as native resources and channel advantages. Some companies have begun to act, such as Kehua biological microplate reader, washing machine, semi-automatic biochemical analyzer in the county above the hospital has a larger market. In the face of a huge market cake, the domestic market with a certain technology, brand, marketing channels will face greater opportunities for enterprises.


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